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I will be moving to Front Royal Va. tis summer. My son is only 3, but hoping to find out the quaily of the area schools system. I have been on a school report web site and have not been giving a good feeling about the school system. They seem to have low test scores. I am hoping when the time comes for him to...


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Personally I think they have good schools. I used to live there but I moved around alot when I was growing up and went to tons of different schools. When I was in that area I went to LFK, Warren County Middle, and Warren County High. Overall i learned more, and enjoyed school alot more in Warren County.

I don't really know anything about the bad school reports. I just remember that the teachers there were great and took more time to work with me individually than those at other cities. Id think the worst part about the schools were the menus, LFK had a menu that was pre-balanced with all of the food groups, but the middle and high school you could choose to not eat anything, get nachos and other things that don't even qualify as a meal.

I remember that the school system had the best field trips compared with the other schools too. They used charter buses that were air conditioned instead of hot school buses. We took trips to zoos, the Luray Caverns, Dinosaur Museums, we even took a cruise down the Potomac river one year. And parents were always welcome to come chaperon.

Here is another website that might help you. IT has reviews and information about the schools along with addresses and phone numbers.

i hope some of that helped. good luck!


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